I studied Art History at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). There I absorbed some good theorical and visual information, and also came into contact with the history of the applied arts. It already affected me a little.

I learned the rudiments of stonework at the Escola de Canteiros de Pontevedra. I got in touch with woodworking in Santiago, in practices with my friend Buster. I also performed several restoration works with Uxía Aguiar (Parteluz Estudio), wich whom I currently share work space.

I am passionate about architecture, materials and history reflected in objects.

Although I have attended many courses and encounters, I do not have regulated education as a designer. I learned to design through practice and observation.


I believe in a rational and simple but characteristic design.
I try to escape from that "too pretty" and catalog style that invades us; and I do it through observation, adaptation, mixing, and even a touch of humor.
Style is a constant pursuit.

I do not agree with the idea of "luxury" as something exclusive, nor with the "low cost" philosophy. I think there is a fair and reasonable price for any well-designed and well-made object in all its aspects.
I try to do things well, not cheap things.

I observe the trends with distance and suspicion. I firmly believe that any design that does not support more than the fashion of the moment, has no capacity to adapt and endure. And it becomes a mockery of itself with the following trends.
Things have to last in our hands and in our eyes.


I design and I build.

I produce light objects and diverse furniture. Both small series of some models as pieces that, by their nature, become singular. In addition to custom works, designed for each client, each space, and their specific needs.
Also signs, scenographies and interior reforms (carpentry assemblies, lighting installations, etc.).

I work with different materials. But mainly wood -in different formats- and metal. My other main raw material is light.
I also frequently use rescued materials and objects (from the street, traces, scrap yards, second hand stores...). So much to give back their original use, renewed and restyled, as to turn them into objects with a new utility.